In This Time of Waiting.

About two months ago I had the very real and sudden urge to write about what was going on in my heart, mind and current reality. Usually, when that happens I can’t ignore it, I have to sit down right away and the words just pour out. It’s an interesting feeling that takes place once I’ve sat through those writing sessions where I’ve poured out those emotions, feelings, realizations and thoughts until it’s quiet. Until there are no other words left. Until something has been created from a part of my soul, breathing into reality.

When it comes to writing and blogging, I’ve always wanted to be one of those daily stop in’s, causal posts, day-to-day eats/happenings kind of writer… But, I’ve realized that the things that pull me to write, what comes naturally and easily are those posts of more depth and reality, of things I am going through and can connect with other people as well, the realizations that bring life, truth, freedom, joy and meaning.

One of my personal goals (summer project once break begins in 2 weeks) is to write more consistently and do more of the everyday, daily posts, to provide more of an “everyday essence” feel to the blog and snapshot into what real life is, hopefully to connect more with the people near and far.

However, before that begins, I would like to share those last two posts that had been bursting from my heart containing my very real and raw emotions on things that people do not seem to talk about enough. These two posts I had written in one sitting, one after another, but something in me knew that it wasn’t time to post it just yet. A month passed and I still didn’t know what I was supposed to do with them until I came across two websites that share truth, inspiration, and real-life encouragement to people all over the world. I knew immediately I had written those posts for that reason immediately. While I have NEVER submitted anything for posting other than on here, I believed that what I had to say was not just a sentiment that I shared personally, but one that countless others have and still might be experiencing.

I am not going to lie, I am nervous about sharing these because this is as real as the heart gets, and is not in the “happily ever after” stage. It is hard to share real things, to show weakness and vulnerability while waiting for something that you have no idea when or how it will come to pass.

I have attached the links to both of these posts (they act as a two-part series, in a way) below if you want to step into my world, my heart, and my prayers the last year. I am not merely doing this because I love overly sharing about my life to anyone and everyone. I am doing it because I have always believed my writing is not for me alone. Rather, it is meant to connect, encourage, uplift, and create a bridge with someone else out there experiencing something similar too.

All to say, if you have ever waited for something with all of your heart, and are still waiting, then you can relate. I have posted the original submissions below and will put these posts on this blog in the next couple of days/weeks, as well.

Blog Post #1: I’m Standing with the Ones Who Wait

Blog Post #2: Writing in Pencil

I hope these find you in a place where you need to know that you are not alone, that I understand and that we can remind ourselves that there is beauty in waiting and that waiting is not forever.


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