On What’s Next.


To think that almost 2 years have already passed is something that makes me pause and reflect on a number of things:

1) While 2 years is a good chunk of time, I feel as if our time in Caracas has been both a blink-of-an-eye and also a significant portion of our adult & married life.

2) In two years, you can clearly mark the passage of time with the birth and growth of nieces and nephews, of friends getting married, of people growing and changing and moving. We have seen these special things take place from afar and have poured over Facebook and whatever connector we can to feel a part of those events even though our life here has remained relatively the same.

3) I can clearly recall the day that Brandon and I decided to actively begin our search for an opportunity to teach internationally. We made that decision one regular Wednesday morning. That very Wednesday night, a representative from an organization visited one of my grad classes to talk about international opportunities for teachers. After an initial quick beating-of-the-heart and emotional response of “Is this seriously happening?” while listening to this presentation, the reality of this being the answer to that desire in us quickly settled. Within just a month from that date, we were on a journey of preparing for what is now our current life.

We had no idea what it would entail: the joys, the challenges, the life-changing adventures and experiences (that bring both good and tough memories), the people and community around us.

As we are approaching the end of our two years in June, it was time to make a decision about our future next steps. Basically, we reached a place of figuring out our lives all over again while grappling with the following questions:

  • Do we stay and renew our teaching contract for another year?
  • Do we move back to the States? If so, where? And what would we do?

Ultimately, after months of prayer and discussion between ourselves and family, we arrived at a decision. This post should hopefully sum up what goals and future plans look like (however little we know, since there’s still plenty of things to figure out).

Brandon and I have been feeling that after almost 4 years of marriage, we should start taking steps towards being in a place where we could start our own little Burrito family. No this is not the “announcement”. Not even close. In this, we see the value of living closer to family and friends.

With that, our plan is to move back to the Southern California region this June! I have been so grateful to be recently hired as a High Spanish teacher at a school within the Los Angeles District for the upcoming school year! Brandon is currently looking for positions in Finance, Human Resources, Benefit Plans, or a part of the business/management/HR side of a young, fun start-up company (so, if you know of any positions within the L.A. area, send a shout out!).

There are lots of emotions involved in this decision. Obviously, any big life decision comes with a wide range of emotions. Right now we are trying to be in two very different places, both successfully and unsuccessfully some days: perfectly present and engaged in the now, and applying, planning and prepping for 2 months away.

There will definitely be more on this in the weeks and months to come, however, this is the initial “big change (again)” announcement!






One thought on “On What’s Next.

  1. Don Hallum says:

    Transitions are opportunities in disguise. Unfortunately most people fear the unknowns encompassed in change, so they avoid it. As for myself, I never met a change I didn’t like. Even the ones that seemed to be/go wrong, in hindsight were life-transforming. You two are discovering the same truth. I am so thankful you do not avoid the difficult, but embrace it with expectation. In Christ truly all things do work together for good for those who love Him, as He directs their steps, in revealing, preparing, and using them for His purpose; the purpose that brings the greatest joy possible in life. And we do know that this is the kind of joy that gives us strength!

    Love you two very much!


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