Recent Happenings.

Happy Friday!

Phew. What a week, right?! We had a long week as a school as many of our teachers and staff were out sick. Every morning this week, we’d apprehensively take a look at each other during devotions to see who was here and feeling well. Brandon and I are drinking Vitamin C like it’s nobody’s business!

We had planned a couple months back to go on a weekend trip to a German/Venezuelan town called Colonia Tovar, situated in the mountains about 1.5 hours away from us with our friends. However, our friends cannot come this weekend because they were hit with a slue of sickness over the past week and are thankfully on the mend. Since we could not get our deposit back if we were to cancel the reservation fully, Brandon and I get to go away to the mountains for the weekend. While we will miss our friends, this is the perfect weekend to rest and rejuvenate and take more Vitamin C in the mountains.

Last year at around this time, we went to Colonia Tovar for our staff retreat (you can read about it here) and it was when I unfortunately came down with something nasty that left me in the hotel bed/bathroom literally all weekend long. I am hoping and praying that this weekend I can healthfully enjoy this little town.

photo 4

Hammock #1.

I cannot believe that Sunday is November! The time is flying here and we are trying to soak everything up. I love looking at how in just a year, our relationships with people here are much richer and fuller. There are many moments when we’re in a taxi on our way back from running errands and we look out into the city thinking, “we live here”. We have a church, we have a dentist, we have a movie theater, we have regular places we go to. We hung up our hammocks in our living room over the weekend, and even have a neighborhood cat we feed want to kidnap… catnap?

photo 5

You can see “our” cat, Luna, right behind me.

Two Sundays ago, I taught the Sunday School lesson at our church… In Spanish. We have led worship a couple of times at church in Spanish, too. Our life is not just the bubble of our school, but, is reaching beyond to different places and relationships.

photo 3

Just some guys playing some games and eating pizza. Melting heart.

photo 2

The game of the year: Basketball! These are the Blue Whales.

Sorry for the lack of recent photos. I don’t have an excuse other than completely forgetting about it!


I already warned you of the lack of pictures. This is called: wait! we should be recording our lives. This is what a regular day looks like for us. Ticket to Ride and glasses.

Some things to look forward to this next month:

  1. Brandon’s Birthday (November 10th)!
  2. Our School’s Fall Festival!
  3. Thanksgiving Break!
  4. Our annual International School Conference
  5. Prepping for midterms and Christmas Break

I hope you have a fantastic weekend!


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