Aquí Estamos.

photo 1-3

The view from our neighborhood.

We have been in Caracas now for 3 whole days that have felt like 3 whole weeks.

photo 2-3

Tired, but happy to have finally made it!

After a rather smooth arrival and night/day of travel, we arrived at our apartment in Caracas, Venezuela this past Sunday.

photo 1

Our bags which just barely made the weight limit (but, they did thanks to Brandon’s diligence).


photo 3

First morning view over Venezuela.


Excited. Tired. Curious.



These past few days have been packed FULL of new teacher orientation activities, and touring/walking the city through the multitude of Panaderías (bakeries), Manicerías (nut-aries), Ferreterías (Hardware stores), Farmacerías (Pharmacies)… Basically all of the “-ías” that line each busy street.

Caracas is definitely a “concrete jungle” and is bigger than any city I’ve been in before. Even at 6:00 a.m., the streets and sidewalks are full of people bustling to and fro.

It’s hard to encapsulate all we have seen, heard, and smelled within the past 72 hours, but, Brandon and I are enjoying this transition, including all of the joys and disappoints/frustrations that come with relearning and readjusting your view of “home”.

The first bit of free time we had, we spent unpacking and doing our best to personalize our apartment, and here are just a couple of pictures of our new place:

photo 4-2

A view of our living room.

photo 5-2

Our bright closets! You can see posters that are welcoming Mr. & Mrs. Burroughs from the current students!

photo 1-2

Our bedroom with already-here awesome curtains. As you can see, the wall might need a little love.

Today, I had my first major taste of cultural transition as the new female teachers had to visit the “Female Doctor” for our medical certificate to teach. Woohoo!

We left our apartment at 6:30 a.m. to get to the clinic bright and early to sign our names in, as it functions as a “first come, first serve”. We arrived at 6:50 a.m. and we were already number 10, standing behind a long line of those waiting to be seen.

While in the States, you would expect to wait at the most a couple of hours, we were told to change those expectations, and, boy, were they quickly adjusted.

A grand total of 11.5 hours later (no exaggeration), we were all finally leaving the clinic.

Shifting what was the “normal” before to what is “normal” now is what will take time to transition to. And with that, we are learning what living with open hearts and hands looks like in the big and small ways.

I am so thankful for Brandon, our cute apartment (which will be getting equipped with MOSQUITO-FREE screens within the next couple of days- Praise the Lord), the school we’re working for and the WONDERFUL, wonderful staff and teachers who are so encouraging, helpful, supportive, and welcoming.

photo 2-2

The mosquitos love us. 3 days in = already 10 bites for me. Praying for quick immunity.

Brandon will be piping in later this week to give another update as tomorrow we are grocery shopping for the first time here!


5 thoughts on “Aquí Estamos.

  1. mallorycarbajal says:

    Glad you made it safe and sound! The lady doctor visit is one way to say “hi! Welcome to our country!” Eeks! I wish we could come visit you and see your apartment which is already well on it’s way to becoming a cute one, but since we can’t see it in person, keep posting pics! So fun to see you in this whole new world! Praying for you both as you make this transition! Love you!


  2. Virginia Burroughs says:

    Loved reading about your “transition”. Your spirit is contagious. We’ll miss you in CO, but know you are where God wants you to be. Love you, Grandmom


  3. says:

    Sallie! You guys look so happy. And the country looks so beautiful. Thanks for including the pics. It’s difficult to believe you’ve been there four days now. It seems like you just left the states a day ago.

    Mom and I look forward to our face time. It’s pretty cool that our time zones are compatible and communication is so easy.

    Pole vault practice was so much fun yesterday. I will eventually post an action shot…also, the 5k at the zoo was so much fun. I’m a pretty fast geezer! Had my best time yet. So glad the hamstring injury is behind me.

    Tell Brandon”Hi.” Love you guys and want to hear more of you adventures.

    Love, Dad.

    DWHallum DW Hallum Design 4005 Bridge Ave Cleveland, Oh 44113-3319 216.262.7574



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