Photo cred: Tyler Nagayama.

2014 has brought with it a lot of major events for our little Burroughs family:

Completing a marathon (praise the Lord that one is over… Seriously, though).

Graduating with our Masters of Business Administration (Brandon), and mine in Education (also something in which we have counted down the days and contemplated making paper chains in order to cope until completion),

Celebrating along with my brother and sister-in-law with the news of their family growing a little bigger (yay, Baby Hallum!).

It’s been a year full of friendship, of celebration, of family, and of growth. Engagements, births, showers, graduations, and reunions. It’s hard to believe that these life-enriching and sometimes challenging (running longer than my daily commute) experiences have taken place within only the first 5 months of 2014! With so many memories to be thankful for over the course of these past five months, Brandon and I can only look back and see God’s hand within it all.

However, there is still over half of the year that remains.

And with that, the rest of 2014 is bringing this Burroughs Clan the newest and grandest adventure, yet (after marriage, of course):


Yes, Venezuela.

What? You might be asking.

Well, here’s the (shortened, for everyone’s sake) story:

It all began on a Wednesday evening last December… I was sitting in one of my graduate classes after a day of teaching, thinking of the most recent conversation Brandon and I had about our future. You see, from the beginning of our dating relationship, the world outside of our Southern California bubble was always calling our name. This can be illustrated by the fact that Brandon left to fulfill a year-long accounting position in Bhutan only 4 weeks after we started dating (I know, what was I thinking? Clearly, there was something much deeper than “logic” working in our relationship from the start).

Going back to that Wednesday, Brandon and I had just talked about our desire to do “something” overseas after we were finished with school.

However, that “something” was what we were having difficultly pin-pointing. We knew that God had placed in our hearts (both individually, and as a family) a desire to go abroad in whatever manner He would want us to. But, the logistics — How? Why? When? — were now what we were actively seeking answers for as graduation was nearing.

Little did I know that a representative from the Network for International Christian Schools (NICS) was coming to speak in that class with a listing of all of the teaching opportunities available in over 20 countries around the world.

As soon as the representative started sharing about their many international Christian schools around the world, my heart started doing that rapid-and-random, pit-pattering dance I have come to know as the Lord getting my attention.

It took everything in me to not call Brandon at that very moment and place him on speaker phone (as that would not be very adult-ish of me). Instead, I scoured every inch of the organization’s website and job postings for the remainder of the class, silently pleading with the Lord to make it clear if this was worth pursuing (I’m sorry to my professor for those 2 hours I was not paying attention).

Over Christmas break, Brandon and I decided to send in our applications, specifically to a school in Caracas, Venezuela, as they had the most potential openings for what Brandon and I have studied and have experience in. Within the next couple of weeks, we were in communication with the director of the school to see if it was a fit for them and for us. And, within a couple more weeks after that, the positions were more than just possibilities, but, realities as we accepted them after weeks of praying and talking with our families.

I can write so much about the little (and big) ways that God has clearly been with us in this decision, but, what it keeps boiling down to is this: He is able to do far more abundantly beyond all that we can ask or imagine (Eph. 3:20).

So, to sum it up: we will be moving to Venezuela as missionaries at the end of July (as in 2 months… WHAT?) to teach at the International Christian School of Caracas. Brandon will be teaching high school business, math, and computer. I’ll be teaching middle school English, history, and Bible. We are so excited!

I’ll be keeping track of this adventure here with regular updates, pictures, stories, prayer requests (and let’s be honest, pictures of food).

Thank you for your love and support.


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