‘Tis The Season.

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Somehow, Thanksgiving has come and gone, the Christmas songs and decorations have emerged from their hiding, and the seasonal Starbucks drinks in their cute little red cups are out.

And I feel as if I’ve missed it all.

I have yet to sip on a warm peppermint mocha, nor have I gotten, or thought about wrapping, even one present (I’m sorry loved ones who are reading, I’ll find the time to do so soon!).

11 days.

While I did, on a whim and only to procrastinate from writing a paper (you think I’m exaggerating but I’m not), put our Christmas tree up and our cute but simple decorations around the house while Brandon was in class… It hasn’t hit yet.

This season of life has been extremely busy. With grad classes on opposite nights a week for Brandon and myself, and work busyness with teaching Spanish in the mornings and planning/teaching Science experiments in the afternoon, Christmas shows, travel planning, and regular life happenings, it is not surprising that the days leading up to this wonderful time of the year have been a haze.

Stopping just for a moment, I’m realizing I don’t want to miss this time of anticipation, however, that’s exactly what I’m, maybe not consciously, doing. The anticipation is almost the best part of Christmas; the countdown leading up to it.

And, here I am sitting at Starbucks, with Christmas music playing in the background, and all of the ingredients surrounding me to make a merry, yet productive time, however, I am only focusing on the ever invasive to-do list, checking off the next paper, lesson plan, email.

This is more of a reminder to myself than anything else, but, I need to just stop my little bunny-rabbit run, and intentionally do something festive. So much of prepping for something is the little decisions, the time taken out to try, to create, and to make something special out of the ordinary, whether it be sugar cookies, or hand-made Christmas cards (no, I’ve done neither yet). While yes, it can be an inconvenience when you can list off other more “productive” things you can be doing… although, what does productive really mean anyway? It’s in the eye of the beholder, connected to where our priorities lie.

So, on this 14th (seriously, the 14th already?) of December, I choose to not let Christmas be an inconvenience. I welcome the festivities, the hot chocolate, the time with friends and family.

I will relish in the upcoming days when my students are amped up on sugar, stopped listening or caring, and singing “Feliz Navidad” at regular 1 minute intervals.

I will try my hardest (although it may be very difficult) to look beyond the chaos before the holidays, the due dates of assignments, and the busyness resulting from seasons of conflicting schedules, and to enjoy.

With that, I’m off to find kitten-sized Santa hats for my Christmas-tree-eating kitties. Just kidding. Maybe. But, you get the point.

photo (45)


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