Playing Catch-Up.

Remember how I said I would never wait more than three weeks for another post?

And then 2 MONTHS passed with no word?

No pictures of kittens, watermelon, or what kind of smoothie I’m drinking (none at the moment… that kind of stopped three months ago).

I. Am. So. Sorry.

Obviously, this did not hamper anyone’s life as I’m sure you most likely forgot I was writing at one time semi-regularly (I’m being serious here, I do not think for a second that my blog is bookmarked as one of your favorites. I hope it’s not).

However, it did sadden me to see how quickly 2 months passed without me taking a brief reprieve to reflect (even if it is publicly).

So, here goes, de nuevo.

This time, no promises about the frequency of posting (this is mainly me verbalizing this to myself).

I’m letting this little project of mine be a reminder for myself to stop occasionally.

A time to think about the funny stories that took place during the day (like how I accidentally called a student “Target”), to remark on how frustrating California traffic is (Saturday at 1:30 p.m., come on!), and how beautiful family and friends are.

In other news, Pancho doesn’t know he’s getting too big for the chair. Image

Or to sit on our shoulders (or our friends’ shoulders).


Yes, that is Toy Story in the background.

Also, fantastic news: Thanksgiving is in a little over a week. How exciting is that?!

Then comes CHRISTMAS.

Truly the best time of the year.

If only California understood what date it was and stopped being so sunny all of the time.


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