Things I’m Loving.

I know you’re all just itching to know what it is that I am currently loving (…mostly likely not).

BUT, I have to say that these things have significantly added to my overall quality of life within the last couple of weeks that I just can’t help myself in sharing.

1. Cribbage.


Oh yes, I know. How classy. How vintage. Brandon borrowed the board? set? device? game from his parents a couple of weeks ago and tried his hardest to pique my interest in learning this new (but actually really old) game. I grumbled, I griped, and I was a sore loser the first time playing. But, how quickly things changed! I can truly say this is my favorite game right now, and this is something coming from a game-loving girl. It’s to the point where when I close my eyes, I can see cards and possible game plays dancing before my eyes (too much?).

If you are a fan of strategy, some chance, and a fun 2-3 player game, this should be on your list. You have my stamp of approval. And I am sure you can find it at garage sales near you.

2. Shoe Insoles.

This gal has been running about 5 times a week for the past 3 weeks training for our half-marathon coming up in November. I will not lie; I suffer from chronic shin splints. I have tried (mostly) everything: modifying my form, running slower, running faster, icing my calves before and after running, different stretches and exercises… all to no avail. Until Brandon brought up shoe insoles. Two weeks ago, we went to a sporting goods store, and after biting the bullet and asking for help, I was directed to a pair that not only gave me arch support, but have this gel pocket on the heel for impact absorbency.

While I was a total nub (noob? newb? nube?), and definitely did not know what I was doing at first (Confession: I was running for a week with DOUBLE insoles because I never took out my old shoe’s insoles. COME ON, Sal), when I actually used them the right way (meaning they were the only insoles I was using), they changed everything! Hooray!

3. Portable Air Conditioners.

How life is significantly better with our little air conditioning robot. It’s the best. Our lone little window unit was just not cutting it.

4. Iced Coffee.

This has been a constant for years. Still is.

5. Wedges.

They. Are. Great. And comfortable (which is key). While I am generally taller than my students (teaching K-5th has its definite perks in the height arena), sometimes putting on those wedges makes the day a little bit better, makes me feel a little more confident, and a whole lot classier.

6. Raspberries on sale: 6 packages for $5.

Enough said.

Things I’m not loving:

1. Ants.

I hate them. They have chosen our apartment as their more-than-temporary home. They are awful and have even found a way in through out AC window unit. Sneaky bugs. I’m hoping for a change of weather soon so that they move elsewhere.

2. Above 85 degree weather.

Call me an Ohio girl at heart, or a wannabe Pacific Northwestern-er, but I am craving cooler days, gloomy mornings, and rain.

Summary: Go play Cribbage with a cup of iced coffee, raspberries as a snack, and some comfortable shoes and you’ll have a wonderful time.


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