Birthdays, Roller Coasters & Ice Cream Cake.


Woke up to this chalkboard creation on the wall! Thanks, Dad.

I haven’t been home (with my family) for my birthday in years! 5 to be exact. So when this Ohio trip rolled around, and my birthday fell smack-dab in the middle of it, you can only guess how excited I was.

Ohio was everything and more. Seeing my parents was so great and refreshing. Visiting with my Maid of Honor and spending time catching up with her was not only so necessary but life-giving.


My lovely MOH.

Growing up, my family has held the tradition of celebrating birthdays with a Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake.

Can I get a witness?

It is the best. I have never been a fan of traditional cake, or (don’t hate me) frosting. It’s too sugary, and makes my teeth hurt.

BUT, a cake made out of ice cream, chocolate crunchy fudgy goodness and whipped cream frosting? That is my middle name.


Yes, those are sparklers on my cake.

The birthday week just kept getting better and better with the whole family going to CEDAR POINT. Also known as the best amusement part on the face of the planet. If you’re looking for cute characters and quaint scenery, this is not the place for you (although it is situated within the beautiful Lake Erie peninsula). This is where the die-hard, roller coaster fanatics go.

Cue 312 foot drops, 0-120 mph in less than 4 seconds only to be shot up 420 feet in the air, That’s what I’m talking about.

What fun it was to be kids again with my whole family!



Millennium Force. CRA-ZY.


The coolest parents around.


Chitty Chitty Bang Bang reference, anyone? We had to.

I am blessed to have spent time with my family, and am reminded of how even though years may go by, we grow, change, and transition, there is beauty in the knowledge that you are known, loved, and cared for by those special to your heart.

In other news, I am pleased to present my puppy-nephew, Brock! My brother and sister-in-law have been patiently in the process of dog-hunting for quite some time, and I am so glad they found the most perfect member of their family.


How precious is he?


Look at those eyes!

The question remains, however, would Brock be best friends with the kitties? To be determined.


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