A Run Down Memory Lane.

Boy, have I been slacking!

We all have those weeks month where life is just too busy. Am I right?

It’s shocking when you look back and realize those far-off events you have placed on your calendar for the summer have already came and went and you ask yourself, “Wait, how did that happen?”. 

But, it’s the absolute best when those events are in the form of family, friends, good work, and adventure.

The past few weeks (when I’ve neglected this lonely blog) I have done a number of things (haven’t we all). Since a picture is worth a thousand words, and it would take many to go in depth, how about allowing mainly pictures to help explain?

My last few weeks have been (mostly) joyfully spent as follows:

– Finishing 2 grueling 6-week intensive summer grad classes (the not-so-joyful part of the summer). YES. Helllllloooooo no papers until September! My husband and I seriously don’t know what to do with our weekends since our “fun” before has been in the shape of coffee shops and studying. But, truthfully, fun is whenever I’m with him.

– Playing lots of games (and having many games interrupted by kittens) due to increased free time with no papers.


Pancho’s tail clearly wanted a turn.

– Slumber parties in the living room (due to a malfunctioning dumb air conditioner, long story, but we make it work).


– Killing ants in our apartment (with the help of Lady Lou). I hate ants. Seriously.


We’re safe under Lady’s watchful eye.

– Eating lots of ice cream, ice cream sandwiches, and more ice cream. Yum.


– Running to keep up with the increased ice cream intake. No photo included because no one wants to see me post-run. Or pre-run, at that.

– Reunions with dear friends.


Love these ladies!


Sorry for the poor picture quality. I took a picture of a picture. Whoops.

– Celebrating good friends getting married.


Congratulations, Mrs. Emily Musson!

Pretending to Act Professional Development – this past week I spent 4 days at a Science Common Core Conference where we built bridges out of paper, created parachutes out of coffee filters, constructed spaghetti towers to withstand the weight of a marshmallow, doodled our hearts out, invented, made friends, all in the name of science.


So strong, it held 25 washers and a toy car. That’s what I’m talking about.


My mom’s so pretty.

– Traveling! As of yesterday, getting on a plane to Cleveland to visit my family for the next week. Woo!

The first full day of being home has just warmed my heart and brought such peace. I love this opportunity to spend time with my parents, who are my dear, dear friends.

When together, we make home. We drink coffee (hourly), relax, talk much, laugh often, reflect, and joyfully sit in gratitude of what God is doing in our lives.

Today, I ran past my childhood memories. Literally. I ran past them.

These places, homes, schools, churches, and pieces of my past have brought me to where I am today. 

I think we all need those moments here and there where we walk (or run) down memory lane. It allows for the good, the bad, the challenging, and the exciting moments from our lives to meet and connect us to who we are in this moment, of what it took to get there, and of the lives, places, and people who have touched our hearts.

I look forward to the conversations and time that will be spent with my Hallum-side of the family this week! Thankful for these moments.

And I promise I’ll do better and write before another three weeks goes by. 


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