How to Cut a Watermelon


Yes, this post is as simple as that.

Nothing screams summer as much as a ripe, tasty, watermelon. Am I right?

Yesterday, as I was grocery shopping, I saw something unbelievable: 3 watermelons for $1!

Get. Out.

It was not a typo. And if it weren’t just me grocery shopping, I would have most definitely taken them up on that offer. Luckily for the sake of variety in my household, and my husband, I did not purchase 3, rather, 1 for a whopping $.49. Is that even legal?!

Needless to say, I was very eager for some fresh watermelon when I got home. However, it struck me, when was the last time I even cut a watermelon? Let alone…. have I ever? Embarrassing, I know. I love melons, honeydew, cantaloupe, and can eat them all day, every day. I know how to properly cut those bad boys up… But, watermelon? The king of all melons?

After doing some research, I found it! The perfect way! And if you are at all like me, (visual), here’s a how-to guide in cutting up a watermelon like you really know what you’re doing:

Step 1: Obtain a watermelon. Hurry, they may still be $.49.


Step Two: Cut the watermelon in half using a heavy chef’s knife.


Step Three: Placing one half of the watermelon face down, (carefully) cut off the rind in a top-down motion.


You’re doing great.


Step Four: After creating a watermelon cone (pictured directly above), cut off the remaining rind at the end (top).


Step Five: Slice the remaining watermelon into cubes.


Step Six: Enjoy!


It’s as simple as that. Life changed!

The only problem that remains is the fact that one watermelon yields many servings. And in a household of two, in which only one (me) primarily eats the watermelon, it looks like I got my work cut out for me.


Maybe Lady and Pancho might help.


She would much rather sit on my grocery bags than deal with that watermelon.

Or not.


He is physically disturbed by the proximity of the watermelon.


Which leaves me with watermelon. For. Days.

I hope this may be of help to at least one of you. If not, hopefully it made you crave some watermelon. Now, go out there and enjoy your summer!


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